February 24, 2010


I bought three new tools not too long ago. And they were laying on my table top. Well, more like posing - that's the way I saw it. So, I just had to paint them. So clean and new. I mean, who paints tools? I do, especially when there are no flowers at the moment.
And once again I'm reminded even tools look pretty when painted in watercolors.


A Brush with Color said...

Oh, I love them! You are so right--watercolor elevates a subject. Really luscious washes.

Kristi said...

How wonderful...they are so beautiful when painted! What talent you have. I've always wanted to paint watercolor but, have never really committed to it and tried. You make me want to learn how. ♥

kendalee said...

These look great! Only an artist can take the very mundane and make them into something more... :)

joyefulart said...

Awesome little studies!! How's it going? I miss the class. So busy trying to do all things suggested!! Keep in touch :)!


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