February 6, 2010

BYW - Mood Board

The aim of life is to live
and to live means to be aware
joyously, drunkenly, serenely, divinely

- Henry Miller


Msartist said...

Your board is lovely! I love your watercolor paintings of the florals.
The sheet music says it all!

Annie said...

This is so pretty, Amy. I love the contrast of the free flowing water colors and the tighter elements - like the sheet music & the gingham. I'm getting a modern twist on Jane Austin feel from it - feminine but quite accomplished! Is that weird? I really like it!

Allison said...

Wow ... what a beautiful mood board Amy. I love your painterly water colour style, you have such a lovely talent for this,
Allison xx

frauheuberg said...

oh, amazing...love your paintings...very poetic...and your quote on the end...very touching...yes, really love it...thanks...cheers ines

Lisa said...

I love the way you used some very bold color, but the overall effect is very soft and clean - Nice!

joyefulart said...

Love your work from a fellow watercolorist and student of BYW!! Going to work on my inspiration board today, got snowed in and have been shoveling! You have soft wonderful clor in your work, love it!

Leslie said...

Hi Amy, what a treat to stare at your lovely, lovely board. Oh my, where to start as I have enjoyed every inch! Your watercolors combined with the other elements are beautiful. The black and white with the touches of red and green works really well and I think all of it speaks miles about what you are interested in. You take a lot of care in what you do and I am impressed.

sue said...

Love those luminous apples dancing along the bottom of the page. Beautiful images here.


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