June 25, 2008

Awful Beautiful - A Friend's Blog

I could spend all day reading blogs. Between the amazing pictures and great writing, I'm just blown away by the talent that is out there. One such talent is my fellow crafter, friend and writer (and the amazing designer of my website) JEN. She writes on a blog called Honest Planet where she talks about her life and kids and the funny-crazy and just normal day to day things that happen. Her writing is truly beautiful and I just love how she tells us about her "conversations" with her kids. When I read her blog I'm reminded how important it is to have that childlike sense of wonder and silliness. So if you're feeling dull from life, traffic and waiting in line at Target go to Jen's blog and see life for a minute through the eyes for her kids. This is especially good for those of us who don't have little ones of our own and aren't around them much. I'm really looking forward to seeing life through the eyes of Kennedy Jane. Right now she's just getting her rest, getting ready for the adventure ahead of her. It's going to be Awful Beautiful - as Jen's little girl says.

June 18, 2008

Ahhhh... much better

Maybe sleep was all I needed, but needless to say, today's art left me feeling like I took several steps forward. Since getting the ax back in April, I've been painting as much as I can, be it for shows or to just to up my inventory in general. You know, for every ten paintings I work on, I would say one maybe two is frame worthy. Unfortunately I'm not one of those artists who hits the paper with brush and produces a great work every time. I wish it were so. But during this time of not working a "9to5er" I really need to focus on completing a special project that I started last summer and is really near and dear to me... that would be the picture book "GerAmyUm." I've worked on it sporadically, but not at any serious or steady pace. I spent most of today working on it. The little geranium I potted this spring looked exactly like I wanted GerAmyUm to look. -- little and new. There is a strong chance I will have to take a regular job by the end of summer and I would really like to have this completed for my own good and satisfaction.

I'm also so excited to have sold my first print on ETSY this past weekend. It's very encouraging. What a great place to get inspiration and buy some cool gifts and support my fellow artists.

My writing partner and friend Helen Stanphill just updated her website. She recently published a children's story in a national magazine all while taking care of home and two little girls under the age of 6. She is quite a disciplined gal and someone who sets goals (realistic ones) and completes them. I'm so proud of her. Make sure you go check out her website.

June 17, 2008

Just one of those days...

... where nothing I painted today is any good, my cat has growled at me all day (we're down to one kitten), I've not been the least bit happy with my hair and I feel fat. I just want a "do over". Don't you wish you had the option for a couple of "do overs" in your life? When it comes to painting I try to look at it as getting the bad stuff out so the good stuff can come and hopefully it will come tomorrow. I painted the two boys this past week just before Milo went to his new home. Ralphie is the only one left and he loves to torment my cat. He's not afraid of her anymore, in fact he chases her around and has jumped on her several times - not to be mean, he just wants to play. And quite simply Baby Kitty is NOT a playing cat. What an ill tempered cat I have. How did that happen? I've enjoyed painting these little guys. Such cuties...

June 9, 2008

Yippee Skippee!

Today actually felt like a day of work. After being a good foster kitten mom and giving the kittens their food and morning kisses, I spent the better part of the day on the "business of art" which essentially means I worked but I did not paint today. But the hard work at the computer paid off. Because I have my shop at ETSY up and running again. This time I am able to sell prints at very reasonable prices and I must say they look FANTABULOUS!. The giclee prints are on this great textured paper and it's hard to tell the print from the real McCoy. That's exciting enough, but I'm even more excited that I'm not the one making the prints. I was able to find a local printer and framer so I can stick to what I do best which is paint and not spend hours on the computer. Aren't you glad we live in a world where everyone has different abilities and desires. I sure am. Let me know what you think!

June 7, 2008

Tornado Drill

Because I grew up in Ohio, I was familiar with tornado drills. But it's been 20 years since I found myself grabbing the cat, and in this case, cat and 2 kittens (yes, one has a new home) and heading to the basement. I was painting and trying to get my ETSY shop set up (soon, but not yet) when I heard the alarm sound outside. That's not a pleasant sound. It's very unnerving and I found myself looking at the sky more than anything else. Oh well, at least the washer and dryer is in the basement and I can do some laundry. But I did get these this piece done and soon, very, very soon you will be able to buy giclee prints of these and many other painting you've seen here on my blog. I'll keep you posted.

June 4, 2008

One is Cute, but Three...

... just might have been crazy thinking. I'm referring to kittens of course. They're having a ball but both Baby Kitty and I want to lock ourselves in the bedroom and keep them out. And, I feel for my mean old cat. She can't go anywhere without at least two of them following her. They eat from her bowl, use her litter box, eat her kitty grass, play with her toys, sleep in her favorite chair. They've take over and I'm sure she's wondering what she has done to deserve this. This morning she whined and whined to be let in the front hall of our apartment building. Currently she is sitting right smack dab in the middle of my downstairs neighbor's doormat that reads "WELCOME". That says it all.
I'm still seeking good homes for these kittens. You can just have one. They're sweet, funny, litter trained and soon to be fixed - all for FREE!!!! How could you pass this up? You can contact me or StrayRescue.
This little guy is my favorite - if that's at all possible to have a favorite kitten, he's the runt of the litter and is the sloppiest eater I have ever seen. Also, he likes kitten soup. I have to take dry cat food and soak it in water for a bit because it's still too hard for him to chew it all up.
But I know you aren't here to read about kittens - I mean there is LOTS more to life and LOTS more that inspires me... like cupcakes. I mean who ISN'T inspired by a good moist chocolate cupcake? Yesterday I had lunch with one of the owners of the new cupcake bakery here in St. Louis call The Cupcakery. She's a sassy single gal and such a hard worker. It was so cool to hear her story and how life looped her around to where she is right now. And what fine yummy cupcakes. I had the peanut butter one.
Then later in the day, my new artist friend Mary Beth Flynn called me and got on to me about staying disciplined and focused through this art endeavor. I have to admit, I'm so not a woman who can stay on task - my head goes in a million directions and I just like to jump on the next great idea. But right now, I really need to be more right brained or I won't see anything happen. It's frustrating because this is not my natural state. And it also explains why my lovely little "GerAmyUm" book isn't finished. Mary Beth has been painting house portraits (and supporting herself) for over 14 years and I know much of her success comes from being diligent, on task yet still taking risks. I really hope she rubs off on me!
Also, I've discovered this amazing new blog that inspires me greatly. Check out decor8.


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