July 31, 2011

Happily Ever After....

I've been a skeptic of "happily ever after" mostly because it always seemed to be associated with finding prince charming, getting married, THEN you you get "happily ever after."   In just 13 days, I get to marry my prince charming.  But I have to say "happily ever after" began before I even met John.  "Happily ever after" came with each friend I made that I could call a kindred spirit, with the ability to paint when I was exhausted from life, work and mean people, with every day I managed to hope.  I guess that now that I'm engaged and soon to be a Missus, I see "happily ever after" in a different light.  You can choose to live "happily ever after" NOW.   Then you meet the guy....

July 23, 2011

Hot Days

Pointillism Flowers
These hot days... all I can do is sit still and move as slowly as possible.  I'm taking my time to finish paintings and even slow down enough to try new things. (like the flowers above)  Not too much thinking today, I get hot doing that too.  I wish I had zinnias to paint, but it looks like I fed a rabbit family this year.  I have sowed at least 5 packs of zinnias and might have five starts to show for it.  But don't get me going because thinking about that gets me hot too.


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