February 4, 2010

Can't Beet This!

I've been trying to do more cooking and more eating of vegetables. I'm not as enthusiastic as I was, say a month ago. I thought by painting the beets I might enjoy them more. They were good - but it's just not the same as Cheetos. Where are the Cheeto flavored vegetables and will I ever really LOVE eating vegetables like I love painting them?


Nicole Morgan said...

nice try friend. You know my roomies here are part of community supported agriculture, so they get a share of veggies once a month right now and lately it's a lot of beets. we made pretty tasty beets by cooking them in balsamic vinager and brown sugar. takes awhile, but they pretty much don't taste like beets by the end. And i made a cake with beets..tastes more like beets, but not bad

sue said...

Hahaaa! I happen to love vegetables, so I'll eat 'em if you paint them. I really like your treatment of the foliage here--wonderfully subtle color changes and soft treatment here.


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