March 11, 2010

French Flower Shop

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I really couldn't paint of enough of these flower store fronts. There seem to be so few here in the US. Flowers don't seem to mean as much to the average Americans as they do to Europeans. Flowers are for special occasions we Americans think. But isn't everyday a special occasion? I started buying flowers for myself on a regular basis right after my "D" (divorce). They made me happy. And, even when I really couldn't afford them, I'd buy a small bunch anyway. To me, they keep me sane, happy and hopeful. If I had the money I would open me one these beautiful French flower shops right here in St. Louis - and where there weren't flowers there would be paintings of flowers. ... sigh... it's fun dreaming sometimes.


A Brush with Color said...

That's funny--I did the same thing when I divorced, but I'd buy them from grocery stores that had pretty cut flowers. It's true, there aren't many pretty flower shops the way there are in Europe. I still do it now that I live with a nice man--he does, too. And we garden, so we can pick our own pretty flowers most of the year. It's good for the is your lovely painting!

ParisBreakfasts said...

Why is that flower shops are so different in the US...?
I wish it would change! ! !
merci for stopping by

kendalee said...

So true! Amazing how some flowers can make an every day feel like a special day. I buy myself a bunch every week. It's a small treat that makes all the difference to my smiliness!

Your painting is beautiful and the wv is magici so maybe that dream of a flowershop will one day come true... :)

Anonymous said...

Hello, just have found your'e wonderful blog. I'm teaching myself this wonderful thing called watercolor and flowers are my favorte. Just love yours so. can you give some idea on how you do your flowers? brushes ect. Just think your roses are beautiful and jst wanted to thank you so,


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