May 31, 2010

Pity Party Crashed

I was glad to see this weekend come, I mean who doesn't enjoy a three day weekend.  But now, on Sunday night after two days of keeping company with myself, I'm feeling a bit blue.  Well, at least I was.  Once again I found myself alone at my large dining room table with a cup of coffee, a couple of magazines, some books and my "new" sketch book.  On most days this is a lovely little setting I really enjoy.  But today, I was a bit lonely.  I've only been in St. Louis for two years and am still adjusting to life here.  It's so different than my life in California.  Most weekends were filled with cooking out, going to Disney, or just meeting up.  My life was far from perfect there, but from my point of view, alone at my kitchen table, it seemed fairly perfect and so I could feel the pity party beginning.  "Poor me" having to sip coffee alone in this pretty tea cup that my girlfriend gave me..."   Then I smiled remembering her, and how I loved these tea cups.  They're extra special because they're old and when she gave them to me she knew I would love them... and she was right.  I looked around the room and saw all kinds of gifts and reminders of friendships - old and new,  past and even present.  I have so many lovely things either given as gifts from family and friends or purchased on a fun outing.  Yes, I'm alone... but only for the moment.


A Brush with Color said...

Sorry you felt alone, but look at the beautiful painting you created as a result for the rest of us all to enjoy!

It is hard moving to a new place, but it's also a wonderful "tabula rasa," and full of possibilities...I hope you find many. Love your painting.

Msartist said...

Hi, Moving is hard. I still don't feel settled and fitting in the area we moved to~ So I can relate. I hope this finds you feeling less alone~
I read your blog in google reader and don't always comment but will try to more~ I love all the art you are creating. Your blogging friend~ Theresa (From BYW)


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