May 9, 2010

Lafayette Square in St. Louis

For those of you who don't know much about St. Louis, Lafayette Square is a hidden gem - and my favorite place in the city. A little edge of the city that feels like Europe and yes there is a fabulous cafe that makes the best chocolate croissants in town Rue Lafayette. You almost expect people to be greeting each other with Bonjour as you stroll down the sidewalk. The entire park is enclosed by intricate rod iron gates. This is a fairly large painting at 22"x30". I hope to get it framed this week - something French of course. Bonsoir


sue said...

Oh, that is beautiful! I can really picture it from what you described here. Thank you for your kind comments about my family--I've been extremely distracted with all this going on but your blog is a welcome respite. Just lovely!

all kinds of everything said...

This is truly a beautiful watercolor. It really has a French atmosphere the light on the leaves and the fence is very beautiful!

I followed your link to Lafayette square it seems a wonderful place
I wish I could visit
(Love the new header)



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