August 23, 2012

Daisy Esther

Here she is 
Daisy Esther
born June 5, 2012
She's changed and rocked our world.  How happy are we!  But boy does it take a great deal to care for a little baby. And as you can imagine, painting has been put on the side for a bit.  I do paint a little here and there.  But for now, just wanted to share the joy of our little girl. 
She looks like her dad.  And I'm so thankful that she seems to have his disposition as well--  mellow, happy and easy going.  If she's crying, it's for reason... just good luck figuring it out.


Carol said...

Congratulations! Your little Daisy is adorable!

Kat said...

Absolutely beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Oh I have been waiting and waiting for a picture of Daisy! Got very busy with life and just now checking your blog. She's precious! Treasure each moment!
Cathy in Idaho


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