June 1, 2012


I painted these ABC's with some of my favorite flowers that every child should know!
Daisy was predicted to make her grand entrance May 28th, but as of today June 1, there still is no sign of her arrival.  I know she could surprise us all any second.  I'm not too stressed about it.  I'm actually ready and just waiting.  So I thought I would show some pics of her room.  I had so much fun making things and putting it together.
This room was once the guest room.

A Birdie Mobile I made from left over scraps of fabric and vintage Hankies.

I also made a quilt for the room and had it professionally quilted. That was a chunk of change but so glad I did it. 
Baby Kitty supervising the quilt top construction.

Now during this whole process we have referred to the room as Baby's room.  I never thought my cat spoke English, but I do think she thought this room was being made special for her.

She has no idea what's coming....


Kat said...

Daisy's room is precious and fabulous!...and Baby Kitty will certainly have someone new to get used to...so much love to you!

Anonymous said...

Hi Amy!
It's beautiful ~ love all of it ~ the mobile, paintings, quilt and her friend baby cat! Can't wait to see a picture of Daisy! Heavenly blessings to all of you ~ so exciting! Cathy in Idaho

Carol said...

She thinks that's a wonderful new cat bed! Your ABC's are lovely!

Judy Nelson said...

Ooooh, I love seeing Daisy's room! More photos (with her and her mama in them!). So happy, happy, happy for you, Amy.


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