January 16, 2010

Mopping vs. Painting

I love to clean. And I think the reason is because I know that if I use cleaner with sponge or brush, it is clean. Be it a floor, a window or a toilet bowl, the end product after all your work is a clean product. Sure there are a few tricks and you must be thorough but generally if you clean, it is clean.

This, is not true with painting. I know what to do, but sometimes it just doesn't turn out like I envision or plan - I guess that's what makes it a craft...

Today I think I was more successful at mopping. When finished I had a very clean floor. But this little practice painting ended up to "satisfying". But for now, I love that I have really, really clean floors . Here's to practice and perseverance ... may we embrace both!!!!

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Anonymous said...
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jacqueline said...

Such a wonderful comparison! I love to clean as well...it's the satisfaction i get after the whole process. I adore craftiness and i adore the fact that sometimes my creations just doesn't turn out as plan but better. :) So glad i drop by your wonderful space from BYW. Have a lovely merry happy week and love to you!


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