March 21, 2009

Cupcake Heaven...

... also known as my birthday week. Thank the good Lord for friends and family because quite frankly they really help me "celebrate" birthdays I'm just am not excited to have. (I'm not old enough to be that number!!!!) I did have a good week and work is improving. I'm learning more and more of the medical terms and can actually speak of procedures and know what I'm talking about and I found time to paint here and there but the best part of all...

I had dinner with a close group of girlfriends here in St. Louis and we ate
CUPCAKES!Then Phil, Becca and Kennedy took me for a birthday picnic in the park today and we ate CUPCAKES!Kennedy isn't allowed to have cupcakes yet and she might be a little sad about thatBut instead of being blue she decided she would eat her dad's hat. Yum!

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