October 5, 2008

Saturday Nights Online

It's Saturday night and I just got home from celebrating a friend's 40th birthday. I'm usually not a night time blogger. I'm more of a morning writer, but my mind is heavy with lots of thoughts and even worries. Lots of political and economical discussion tonight and I felt a bit guilty even eating out with the complete uncertainty of what's ahead for us here in the U.S.A. Are we stumbling or is this a fall? I purposefully have not watched much news or even the debates - yes, how very ostrich of me. All this just makes me worry and being of the artist mentality does not help during these uncertain times either. As one friend said to me when we were talking about the Meyers Briggs personality tests, "You're an off the charts 'feeler', Amy". Great...

So upon my return from the night's "festivities" I looked at my blog and noticed the jump in visitors and I realized that there are probably lots of people searching on the internet for understanding, answers, hope or maybe just plain distraction from all the buzz. Here we all are wanting some hope, some beauty, something other than the questions. So I offer you this... CREATIVITY... and that takes many, many forms - not just in art but in math, in economics, in psychology and I thank God above for the diversity of creativity. Just when I don't think I can paint any better or learn something new, I'm always surprised at what comes out. So yes, it looks rather bleak right now, but just know that there are many creative souls at work in this world for the good - how it works I don't know, but I believe it does. My part remains the same, I still paint because it's what I know to do. I would do it if no one ever saw a single one of my paintings or if I never sold one either. I paint, I remember, I hope...

This is my latest painting of the "feet" of the Eiffel Tower. I would love to be in Paris again - this would be the perfect time of year. But for now this is what I have and it will do.The "Feet" of the Eiffel Tower

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