September 20, 2008

A Place to Nap

Last night I was too tired to sleep. So, I stayed awake and just played around with ink from one of my fountain pens and watercolors. I was surprised and liked it. Love to use water soluble inks in my work - they always bleed nicely. Now I wish I could take a little siesta outside in the garden of this little Italian country home zzzz.....


45 and Aspiring said...

I would nap here too. In fact, one breezy day I was reading under the trees in my back yard and felt that delightful dozy feeling. Feeling a bit embarrassed at the thought of being seen, I turned by body so my back faced my neighbor who was out working in the yard. When I awakened, I saw him sleeping unabashedly in a COT in the center of the yard!

I like your work and enjoy your blog.

geramyum said...
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Fragmentos Repartidos said...

Yeah...that little house and garden seem to be a great place to spend some days resting...chilling out.

Nice painting.


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