September 9, 2008

Chicago - Michigan Avenue Painting

For some reason this watercolor took a painfully long time to paint. Late last night I finished it and was just relieved to be done. I'll probably do some touch ups as I look at it on my easel the next few days. I was inspired by the loose watercolor work of one of my favorite artists, Childe Hassam - he did many cityscapes with flag paintings and there so loose and watery. I could only find this one example on line - it's an oil, but it gives you an idea. I love his painting of flowers and he too had an eye for that red geranium. Another favorite. That could have been me sitting at the window you know.

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JUdy N said...


This is stunning. Wow. I love it. Thanks for the intro to Childe Hassam. Wanna come to Italy with me in November and hire a watercolor tutor?

BTW, your email keeps popping back to me.


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