March 21, 2007

First 39th

What's the best way to celebrate your first 39th Birthday? HIGH TEA! In fact, I find that High Tea is the best way to celebrate ANY birthday. My lovely friends and I met up at the Vintage Tea Leaf in Long Beach, put on old hats, sat up straight as we carefully dropped sugar cubes in our bone china tea cups and sipped the hot brew with our pinkies pointing straight out. It was DEEElightful! I will never out grow my love for a girly tea party. Whenever I travel I try to find a tea room. I do need to mention that the best scones in Long Beach are at Starling Diner. In Washington D.C., the scones at the Ritz Carlton melt in your mouth. I'm still searching for the best in New York City and San Francisco. So stay posted, because I WILL find them. So here's my Sassiest of Friends in her feather hat - wearing it as if she never knew a day without it.


joe said...

You look like you were having a great time. Birthdays can be so much fun when want them to be. I still can't believe you are 39.

Zandra says that 40's are great. I have to agree with her, we have done so much more in our 40s. You do have something to look forward to.


Jen said...

I had so much fun at your tea... wanted to tell you that tea at the Huntington in Pasadena is SUPER fun — we should do it sometime!

That picture of you in the hat is fantastic! Thanks for letting me share in your special day!


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