May 28, 2013

Rainy Days Make for Happy Flowers

This is the first painting I've completed in a series of botanical watercolors I plan on painting this summer. (Thanks to my mother for the fabulous suggestion).  My goal is 12.  But like anything, it's one step, one stroke, one leaf at a time. I hope to put prints of these on ETSY soon.  Perhaps tonight once the little one sleeps.
Today is a perfect day for painting -- a summer thunderstorm and showers.  My flowers love it!  Rainy days don't always seem pleasant, like rainy times in life. But, oh how important they are to the growth of a flower.


Kat said...


Anonymous said...

Oh beautiful! I will be looking forward to all 12! Happy painting along with happy mothering! A bug hug to Daisy! Joy and Peace, Cathy in Idaho

geramyum said...

Thanks Cathy! I'm glad you haven't given up on my blog this past year when I've posted and painted so little. What a doozy of a year..


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