October 25, 2010

Thank you to the St. Louis Art Fans

Thank you for coming to the Art Underground Fall Quarterly  Show.  This show was very personal to me – my first show,  in my favorite part of the city, at my brother Phil’s amazing home.  I never dreamt I would end up living in St. Louis.  But it’s been a city I’ve fallen in love with since moving here three years ago.  These watercolors are an exploration and documentation of my new home town.  Lafayette Square in particular is my favorite part of the city and I’ve been coming here to paint from day one.  I love that I’ve found a home in a city full of history yet brimming with possibility.  There’s a great deal more of exploring and painting to be done here.

I dedicated this show to Philip and Becca Woods,
“Thank you for your big love and steady faith!”


sue said...

Beautiful! I love your delicate style, and now I want to go see that place. Congratulations!

Suzanne said...

This is a beautiful watercolor Amy!I love these autumn colors
It seems a nice place to live.

geramyum said...

Yes, it is a very nice place to live - fall is the best. Just promise if you come to St. Louis you will give me a call.


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