June 26, 2009

Oh so busy...

I've been neglecting my blog. Life does get busy and currently there is so much going on. It seems that all I can manage to commit to at this time is a weekly posting. So for those of you who are faithful followers (and I know who you are ;) know, first and foremost, I'm sorry for not posting more often and I promise to post once a week so look for new paintings and updates on the weekends.

My aunt is an amazing china painting artist living in Waco, Texas. I have many china pieces she has painted for me over the years. She does amazing and beautiful work and it's very time consuming. So I feel lucky to have as many pieces as I do. After each layer of painting she must fire the piece and let it cool before she can go back and add more paint to the porcelain. She's a patient woman that's for sure. She recently painted this platter for a older couple who just got married. You can tell a Texan loves all things Texas.

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