April 19, 2009

St. Louis Handmade

Since moving to St. Louis nearly 1.5 years ago, I'm absolutely blown away at how strong the art community is here. Recently I was featured on a blog site for local artists here in St. Louis called St. Louis Handmade. Tammy Tutterow is an amazing artist herself. She too works a full time job and manages her creative life at night and on the weekends, THEN, keeps up this blog. I don't think she sleeps. Maybe she's one of those vampire artists... hmmm
Anyway, take a second to visit the blog. The site is beautiful. Also, you'll get to meet other artists and view their art as well.

1 comment:

Pat Cantor said...

Congratulations on being featured! It's a great interview and your pieces are so beautiful. Kudos!



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