July 16, 2008


So I had this nice piece of watercolor paper - a decent size scrap - and one thing I've learned over the years is not to toss the scraps. I think that some of the things I produce on these "scraps" tend to be my personal favorites. Often it's where I'm less afraid and I just don't care as much. It's so annoying that I usually create some of my best stuff when I'm not trying to. My journals are filled with fun sketches, but get out that big piece of paper and suddenly my wrist gets a little more rigid and I'm more judgmental of my work. Soon I'm unhappy because I've not really enjoyed the process, but I'm more worried about the end result "Will it be good enough?" I'm trying to control what happens... I mean for Pete's sake it's watercolor, it's all about NOT having control to some extent. This was a happy surprise and I got a little bolder and more heavy handed with the color as well.

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