May 25, 2007

Memorial Weekend or Painting Weekend?

I finished my spring quilt from Heather Bailey's Freshcut and I also used her method of binding which really looks great - and the instructions were very easy to follow. So here's the picture but I must say, I could not have timed the completion of my quilt any better because I found peonies that just looked gorgeous with the quilt and the sunshine in my little sitting room.

My illustration class is going well, and I'm sketching, painting, drawing and trying not to judge my work against Beatrix Potter every single second I have a free moment. This weekend between BBQs, Disney Land and sleep, I hope to be working on my portfolio and GerAmyUm...

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

A very sweet, delicate image. I love the way the that the characters are so warm and enchanting, and the use of watercolours enhance this. Beautiful work. x


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