April 23, 2007

Rainy days and cool aprons

The weekend started off with rain - not that I minded. So Cal gets so little rain. It's a nice change AND I got to wear my lime green rain boots. I went to my friend WoW - whose parents were in town visiting from South Dakota. The highlight of the evening was watching their family videos - mostly birthday celebrations at a place called Pizza Ranch, babies swimming and walking, junior high basketball games and people avoiding the camcorder. I loved it and these people aren't even my family. It's intriguing - extraordinary in the ordinary. Life happening. How I wish I could watch a video of my brothers and I at play.

Then Saturday I finally finished the Amy Butler apron I had started last Saturday. Woo Hoo! I feel so cooly domestic. I've sewn curtains and pillows and a quilt here and there, but never anything of the wearable sort. This apron is awesome and I just love the material - who knew there were so many hip fabrics. Since my discovery of Amy Butler, I've learned of Heather Bailey and Anna Maria Horner. So, what will my next project be....

Yes, yes, I'm still working on "GerAmyUm" the picture book. Unfortunately, when I hit a difficult place in the creative process, it's my tendency to do something that comes easier - knitting, sewing, cleaning the litter box... you get the idea. I like things to flow easily - but who doesn't. And, ironically, the book is about when life gets rough ... I kept out these sketch/idea pages for the book on my art table as a reminder, that this just isn't going to go away. The next morning the sun peaks through the blinds as a reminder - get to work. The proof...

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